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Car Grilles

Alongside with performance, your car's appearance is the most important aspect of your car. You take pride of it and oftentimes the source of your high esteem as a car owner.

Image by Autoblog

In car manufacturing, after the engine performance, much concern is given on the aesthetic value of the car model. The Big Three (Ford, GM, Chrysler) car models have distinctive body design and each is different from one. Most car manufacturer have their own styling element to use in identifying their car model and most have its own grille engineering as their brand identifier.

Posh car like Rolls-Royce is known for hand-arranged grille bars to have a perfect horizontal grille while Bugatti is famous for its horse-collar and BMW has a split kidney shape. Today, more carmakers use big grilles such as Mitsubishi lancer's has its swept, fighter aircraft grilles and cross bar for Dodge while Romeo has its six bars shield and Volvo's slash bars. Pontiac has its share of distinct style with its split horizontal and egg-crate grille and at the same level Ford's has its three bar grille on Fusion 2006.

Image by CARiD

With much emphasis on the cosmetic aspect of the car, a contrary styling pattern became a trend that started sometimes in 1930 with Cadillac altering its grille from time to time as a simple way of giving a fresh look on its car model. From original bar grille, Cadillac would go for various crosshatching pattern and thus makes Cadillac as a car model that does not have a set grille form. This trend allows car owners to swift from one to another type of grille to have a new look for their cars.

Image by Jalopnik

As a result, an aftermarket was created for this trend and allows custom build grille to enhance the style as well as the function of the original OEM grille. These custom grilles would make some alterations to make a more personalized look based on the preference of the car owners. This is done by taking off the original and replacing it from another car make. Many variations have been introduced to allow more workplace for custom build grille and expand the customizing available for most car makes.

With wide selections of custom grille, customizing is not exclusive for cars only as there are many variations for trucks and other automobiles. Car owners can just choose, pick and have it on their cars and enjoy the prestige of driving a distinctly handsome car model.